Stillnes & Movement ~ Innovative, inspiring, tranquil, relaxing. Unique compositions that will leave you in a wonderful state of stillness. Melodies and textures that are emotionally moving. (click image to buy)

The Water Is Wide ~ Inspired by the classic Irish song itself, comes a hauntingly beautiful soundscape of compositions sounding both composed and spontaneous. (Click image to buy) 

Acoustic Earth, Electric Sky ~Layers of acoustic guitar interwoven with keys and percussion. It's both mystical and melodic with hints of influences from Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, and Pat Metheny and Ottmar Liebert.  (Click image to buy)

Dreaming In Real Time ~ A truly deep expression of guitar pieces with melodies which are both composed and spontaneous.  Each composition is it's own deep journey. (Click image to buy)

My Heart Is A Castle ~ Is both reflective and meditative, taking the listener on a journey through an eternal timeless space. Beautiful guitar pieces rich in melody, mood and atmosphere. (Click image to buy)

Jenny ~  Is an expressive musical journey with compositions both charming and elegant along with David’s mastery of melody and  improvisation. (Click image to buy) 

Seraphin ~ A transcendent expression of acoustic and electric guitar compositions of which take an expansive supernatural journey into the unkown space time-continuum.  (Click image to buy) 

Timeless ~ Beautiful guitar compositions immersed in melody, mood and atmosphere. Both reflective and meditative taking the listener on a journey through a timeless space. (Click image to buy)

Amazing Grace ~ A subtle and sublime recording of acoustic and electric guitars that focus on a purity of tone, clarity of harmony, and counterpoint of melody to achieve a tender lyricism.  (Click image to buy)

Distant Future ~ Is a deep and sophisticated interplay of sparse melody and enigmatic chordal passages. An evocative musical journey and mixture of highly textured compositions. (Click image to buy)